Ski school and rental

Ski school and rental specializing in telemark skiing. We offer private and group lessons of skiing at all experience levels. We have our headquarters in Jasná ski resort, , but after agreement we work in the whole Tatra mountains
Tatranská LomnicaŠtrbské pleso, Donovaly, Roháče Spálená, Vrátná dolina and many others.
We are the only rental of telemark equipment in Jasna and all over Slovakia.


Beginner lessons

Can be taken even on condition that you have never stood on skis. 

It starts by default. From the introduction to the equipment, that can be rented from us, through the snow plow turn to the basic parallel turn.

The same applies to telemark skiing 🙂

ski lessons​ for begginers
Advanced lessons

Extending skills in any direction.

We can generally focus on improving techniques or address specific issues of interest of the client. Such as carving / telecarving turn, jumped turn, freestyle basics.


Lessons presume an advanced level of a telemark skier and awareness of avalanche problemnatics.

The lessons deal with the specifics of telemark skiing in variable conditions of backcountry terrain.

Part of the lesson is the basic avalanche theory for the day.

Applicants must have complete avalanche equipment (can be rented at our rental).

freeride guide Chopok

Ski touring

Ski touring on ski touring / telemark skis.

Easy ascents in undemanding terrain or on the piste, which, however, presuppose a good physical condition of the skier.

Telemark skis and climbing skins can be rented at our rental.

Part of the lesson is knowledge of equipment, methodology of ascent and easy descent.

ski touring courses Tatras

Equipment rental

We are the only rental of telemark equipment in Jasna and all over Slovakia. 

Telemark equipment is also very suitable for trips to mountain backcountry terrain .. so-called ski touring (more in section About telemark and our courses).

In our rental we use only high quality equipment such as telemark shoes Scarpa T1 or Black Diamond, telemark bindings from 22 Designs and avalanche gear from DSP and Mammut. You can find the rental price list here.

Telemark service

Telemark equipment is quite specific to alpine equipment.

Above all, the position of the ski bindings and the correct choice of drill bits and screws are key to the safety and ideal handling of the ski.

We offer 15 years of experience in drilling telemark bindings on all types of skis.

Do you need to consult where to put the binding or help with the ski service itself?

Do not hesitate to contact us.